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Summer Memories

Yes, summer is not over, of course, but I have some great memories to share! Okay, not all of them are that great, but you know what I mean, I just remember them. 

It was the second week of June, I was at my friend’s house, she was having a party. As the night went on, the cops arrived. What? No, they weren’t going to arrest us or anything, they were friends. They brought some cheap alcohol with them and came with a police van. I was sitting with one of my friends on the couch, he was a little scared, because we both are underage and cops could never mean a good thing for an underage person. So, they saw us, we said hello, they said hello, it was fine. As I reach for coca-cola,one of the cops hands me over the alcohol bottle and says: “If you’re gonna drink coke, you have to drink this!” You don’t have to tell me twice, I took a sip. Or two. Or maybe three. Later,  can’t remember which one of them both, but one of them handed me the bottle and asked: “How old are you?” I didn’t hesitate to tell - “enough!”, he just laughed and said: “that’s all I had to hear!” and gave me the bottle. Even though it was cheap, disgusting booze, it was nice to drink with the cops. Such a great thing to tell grandchildren, haha. 


My second story will be about traveling. So, I was visiting this European country called Estonia, the city of Tartu is where we stayed. We had a house there, not far from city center, my friend’s parents live there, that’s why we got the place. So, when the night came, we snook out (because there was no way her parents would allow us to go out at night) and went for a search for a good time. Don’t get me wrong, when I say good time, I mean party, having a laugh, not good time. *wink* Anyhow, we went in a fast food restaurant called “Faster’s”, bought 2 bottles of coke to mix with the rum we had. That was some pretty heavy rum, 73%. As we sat on a park bench, some people came by and when they heard that we don’t speak Estonian, they started a conversation. Questions like - where are you from, what’s your name, etc. There was a Brazilian dude, Polish dude, a dude from Kongo and an Estonian chick. So we ware like a superhero team, everyone from a different country. Later on, the Polish dude left with the Estonian girl, they were a couple. There were left only four of us - Kongo, Brazil… and us two. So we went to this club called “Atlantis”, but you have to pay to get in. We couldn’t decide if we want to spend any money, but while we were thinking, Kongo guy paid for us. Well, there was no way we were leaving. We went in, danced for a while, and then this crazy thing happened. Imagine a guy, standing on the other side of the dance room and throwing ice cubes at me. I wasn’t sure what it meant, I just kept dancing. But the dude won’t stop. And when I stopped dancing and looked at him, he showed me a gesture that meant “come over here”, but there was no way in hell I was going to go over there. He was old enough to be my dad! Actually, almost every guy who hit on us during the Tartu trip were old enough to be our dads. It is considered a student city, but I guess at summer it’s more of an old-dude paradise. Anyhow, the guy won’t quit throwing ice cubes at me and the guy from Kongo saw that and got pissed of after a while. He went over to that dude and pushed him, they almost started a fight. Well, don’t get me wrong, but all feminine being have a secret wish that someone would fight over or for them, but this was not what I could wish for. The creepy ice cube guy’s friend came to our Kongo dude and tried to break up the pushing competition. There was no fight, thankfully. That would be a mess. After we left, we met some guys who were at least 25, they gave us a bike to ride, but my friend was too drunk and she rode a while and then she fell. She’s alright, though. The night went pretty good, we met some interesting folks, it was nice. But when we finally decided it’s time to go home, we came across some guys who started to sing for us. I even shot a video. When they had finished their song (which was in Estonian), we told them we didn’t get a word. They laughed and told us what the song is about. It was something very cheesy, they called themselves “Estonian One Direction” or “Two Directions”. The night was really great, I was happy, yes, finally, I was happy. But for how long?

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Fresh start

Such a weird thing, to start something over and over again. I feel like trying to fly for countless times, because I’ve been trying to manage blogs for countless times. They just never seem to work for me. But now I’ve decided that I should really do something about it and put my lazy-ass to work. And by work, I mean blogging. I am completely sure nobody is gonna read this, but I will try to keep this blog for myself. Because, you know, why not. It would be cool to read this after 5 years, then I’ll get to think to myself - “man, I was so stupid back then!”, haha.

Okay, so its almost September, which for most of us young folks mean - death. Just kidding! Or not. Anyways, school starts on September. I have spent last 4 or 5 years in school doing completely nothing. Well, maybe because nothing in school could excite me. Except for my friends, and some projects where you had to make a video. Some presentations were pretty enjoyable too, but I have forgotten completely everything I have ever presented. I’ve decided to make some changes, this is gonna be my year 11, I have to finally take some control of my life. It’s not like the past two years from my life that were spent in deep depressions are my fault, but I’m trying to manage. There’s not enough pills in this world to make me happy. This summer has been a total mess, even though I had some fun times. Most of the time I spent at home, doing completely nothing, enjoying the taste of air. You ask if it tastes good? Hell no, it doesn’t! It just makes you miserable. I had a huge list of books to choose to read this summer, but I haven’t read a single one of them! Well, mostly because I lost my library card and I am too much of a pussy to face evil library ladies and ask for a new one, but then I’ll have to pay for it. Not really a thing I wanna do. I don’t even know how much it would cost, probably not a lot, but I’m selfish in that way. And I’m selfish when it comes to food. I love food. 

Such a great thing happened today! Me and my 2 friends, we spent the whole night playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and guess what, we frickin’ finished it! We were hopping for some satisfaction, because it was quite difficult, but what we got, was just pure tiredness. We looked at the time, it was a little past 8 AM and we just passed out. Also, tomorrow I have to go to the dentist, get my teeth checked. 

I have so much inspiration right now, to do something, to get out there and succeed. I haven’t felt this way since June, I have to do something about it. This feeling is so great, but something’s still holding me back. I can’t tell what it is, but it is not laziness, not this time. It’s something major, something painful, something… scary. I have decided to study psychiatry, which means, first comes psychology. I have already checked what can I do before university, because I wanna start now. I don’t wanna spend another 2 lame years in high school. Nothing is interesting enough for me, and I am telling you, I am not picky. 

If I am capable of lifting my lazy ass up and start a new blog, then yes, nothing’s impossible. That’s my header right now, but I guess it will change time to time. Hope this thing works out, new blog, new start.  Let’s start fresh, shall we?

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